Expert Survey

The expert survey aims to collect data on the formal legal integration of traditional governance, by considering different types of legal documents from Sub-Saharan African countries with a historical perspective.

Thus, it differs from our Constitutional Coding in several respects. First, the empirical focus of the expert survey is the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Second, its scope is not limited to constitutions; instead, statutory, ordinary or secondary law is also included. Third, the survey will cover a time period of several decades since the independence dates of respective countries.

The expert survey is currently being developed. Since the collection and the analysis of legal documents will require a considerable amount of time and a significant expertise in national legal systems, it will only be possible thanks to the contributions of national experts who have kindly agreed to collaborate with us. The fieldwork is expected to take place between March and July 2018.

The result will be a large database of legal documents on traditional governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to a tailor-made questionnaire, the contents of these legal documents will also be translated into a dataset which will allow longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis.

The questionnaire contains questions on general legal provisions, such as the recognition of traditional institutions, the constraints on traditional authorities, their representation and integration, regulations about traditional governance and state responsibilities, as well as questions on specific policy fields such as local governance, judicial affairs, management of land and natural resources, economic development, family and gender, culture and religion.