Theresa Küntzler


I’m a PhD Student at the Graduate School of Decision Sciences, with a specialization in Information Processing and Statistical Analysis. In my dissertation, I plan to research the role of emotions in politics, especially in election behaviour. Susumu Shikano supervises my dissertation.

Generally, my research interests cover elections, political communication and political psychology.

I received a B.A.  and an M.A., both in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz and an M.Sc. in Political Communication from the University of Amsterdam. If you would like to know more, please have a look at my CV.


Küntzler, Theresa. (2018). Using Data Combination of Fundamental Variable-Based Forecasts and Poll-Based Forecasts to Predict the 2013 German Election. German Politics 27(1). doi: 10.1080/09644008.2017.1280781.