Susanne Garritzmann (née Haastert) M.A.

Scientific Associate / Doctoral Student


Susanne Garritzmann (*1988) studied the Bachelor program Political Science and Economics at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster. As a participant of the double-degree program European Master in Government, she then attained her Master’s degree in political science at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and at the University of Konstanz. Besides her studies, Susanne gained in-depth insights into policy-making and implementation through various internships in Germany as well as abroad. At the same time, her work as research assistant at the Chair of Economic Education in Münster and at the Chair of Policy-Analysis and Political Theory in Konstanz also strengthened her interest in academic research. In order to follow this interest in a dissertation project, Susanne started working as a doctoral researcher at the Chair of Political Science, especially Policy-Analysis and Political Theory at the University of Konstanz in April 2015. Her PhD thesis analyses whether (and if so, how) education systems affect electoral participation, and which role teaching methods play in this regard.

Research Interests

  • Education systems and political participation: How do different educational structures affect political participation in different countries? Do education systems condition the effect of teaching methods in this regard?
  • Education in autocracies: Do autocracies use education for the purpose of legitimation? Which political structures and regulations do they implement to legitimize themselves via education? Are there differences between regime types?
  • Education policy in Baden-Württemberg: Which reforms have been implemented since the green-red government (coalition of the Greens and the Social-Democratic party) has assumed office in 2011 after decades of Christian-Democratic rule? Which successes and challenges emerge?


Teaching: Winter Term 2018/19: Education policy in international comparison, BA Proseminar

New working paper: How Education Systems Mediate the Education-Participation Nexus