Current Projects

ERC-Projekt: Investing in Education in Europe: Attitudes, Politics and Policies (INVEDUC)

The project "Investing in Education in Europe: Attitudes, Politics and Policies" (INVEDUC) investigates citizens' preferences on education policy in eight European countries. In the first phase, a survey will be conducted focusing on the individual preferences towards investments on education, the distribution of expenditure across different education sectors, and the governance of education systems.

The second phase of the project centers around the question to what extent and via which mechanisms citizens' preferences find access into the policy-making process. Do public attitudes play an (important) role for policy makers or is policy-making dominated by organized interests? Do we find differences in the way these preferences are picked up by political actors across countries or education sectors?

By addressing these research questions, the project broadens our understanding of the interrelation of education and social policy as well as of the influence of citizens' and voters' preferences for policy-making.

The INVEDUC-project will be funded by a ERC-Starting Grant. The total funding amounts to approximately 1.5 million euro.

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Marius Busemeyer

Project researchers: Dr. Julian Garritzmann; Dr. Erik Neimanns;
Former team member: Dr. Roula Nezi