A Voting Advice Application for German Elections

Project duration:


Partner Institutions:

Preference Matcher Research Consortium

GESIS-Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften


Project Description:

ParteieNavi is a Voting Advice Application (VAA) for German elections. It has been offered for the German national elections in 2013 and 2017 and for the federal elections in Saarland 2017. The Policy-Items are constructed by a Research Team at the Center for Data and Methods, in coordination with GESIS and PreferenceMatcher. The party positions are extracted from various sources, such as party manifestos and election manifestos, via multiple rounds of anonymous expert coding. The data comprises both the user data, as well as the data from the party coding process.


More information to the collected data and links to the download can be found in our Data section.

(Press) Information

During the election campaign of the 2017 National Elections, a press information with first analyses from the collected data was published. It can be downloaded here.