Dr. Trrin Lauri

Post-doctoral visiting fellow

Curriculum Vitae


Triin Lauri is a post-doctoral scholarship holder in University of Konstanz supervised by Prof. Busemeyer. Her post-doctoral project “The policies, politics and distributional effects of education: the routes and challenges of Baltic skill regimes in the European context: EduPolB3” is contributing to the understanding of Baltic specificities in the determinants of educational and social inequality by combining analysis of policy and politics of education in that region.

Additionally, Triin has been working as departmental lecturer in Comparative Social Policy at Department of Social Policy and Intervention in University of Oxford and as associate professor and researcher in School of Governance, Law and society in Tallinn University.

Triin’s research is focused on comparative social policy with a particular interest in education policy and social investment policies. She holds a PhD in Government and Politics and a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Tallinn University.  

Research interests

Comparative social policy, educational inequality, school choice, configurational comparison, comparative politics