Benjamin Guinaudeau


Benjamin Guinaudeau works since October 2017 as a PhD Student in the Working Group on Comparative Politics of Prof. Christian Breunig.

After obtaining a master’s degree in International Politics at Sciences Po Bordeaux (France), he completed his master’s degree of Empirical Political and Social Research at the University of Stuttgart in September 2017. During his study, Benjamin served as a research assistant in several international projects, such as the Comparative Agendas Project and the Comparative Manifesto Project. He also gathered research experience by assisting Prof. André Bächtiger (Stuttgart). 

His research mostly concerns legislative politics. His dissertation specifically looks at the influence exerted by legislative bodies over policy, which he measures in several European countries using text-as-data methods. He is also interested in broader topics of comparative politics, such as accountability mechanisms and representation linkages. These two concepts constitute the focus of the classes, that Benjamin teaches at the University of Konstanz: Citizen’s Control over Governments (Winter Term) and Comparative Political Parties (Summer Term).

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae