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Interview with Prof. Dr. Seibel on the NSA monitoring list, Deutschlandradio Kultur, 10th June 2015

Prof. Dr. Seibel on the insecurities of the German government and opposition in Südddeutsche Zeitung, 8th June 2015

Blog entry by Constantin Ruhe, PhD student GSDS, on the prospects of preventive diplomacy, Political Violence @ a Glance, 23rd April 2015

Gerald Schneider commenting on the current debate about academic culture in Germany,Südkurier, 24th April 2015

Two alumni of the department comment on the same debate, Südkurier, 24th April 2015

ZEIT Wissen 2/2015 reports about current activities of Prof. Sabine Boerner's research group

Interview with Florian Kunze about the demographic change in the Lake Constance region, Südkurier, 14th April 2015

Article in Financial Times Germany about the current research of Prof. Florian Kunze, 9th April 2015

Interviewwith Prof. Dirk Leuffen about TTIP, Südkurier, 21st March 2015

Interviewwith Dr. Ulrich Glassmann about the role of Berlusconi in Italian politics, SWR2, 10th March 2015