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4th Day of Teaching with the topic "Practice orientation of the university education: Possibilities and Limits", January 27, 2016. Further information and application form can be found here.

The Department in the Media

The Department in the Media

„EU-Bündnisfall ist keine Überraschung“ (Invoking EU defence guarantee is not a surprise)- An interview with Prof. Dr. Gerald Schneider on France's decision to call for EU military help and its consequences, Schwäbische, 17th November 2015

Prof. Dr. Gerald Schneider in an interview on the possible consequences of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Südkurier, 17th November 2015

"The conventional wisdom about tactical voting is wrong" - An article by Dr. Michael Herrmann, Simon Munzert and Prof. Dr. Selb published on the LSE-Blog British Politics and Policy, 4th November 2015

Article by Prof. Dr. Gerald Schneider and Prof. Dr. Margit Bussmannin the political blog "Monkey Cage" of Washington Post, on the Geneva Convention and the current military crisis, 8th October 2015

Interview with Christian Person about advantages of politics on local level and on the small number of female mayors, Südkurier, 7th October 2015

"Zahlen lügen nicht" - A discussion with Dr. Janis Vossiek und Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler (University of St. Gallen) on the foundations of decisions in terms of educational policy, "bewegt - Magazin für kommunale Bildungslandschaften", October 2015


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Outreach and Cooperation

Outreach and Cooperation


is part of the Graduate School for Decision Sciences (GSDS)

is member of the Cluster of Excellence Cultural Foundations of Social Integration (EXC 16)

maintains close links with renowned Research and Teaching Institutions in Europe and North America


The Department

Politics and Public Administration - At our department, you can find a unique and innovative combination of these study and research fields. Over the last decades, the department has become a symbol for academic excellence in these areas. We are strong supportes of interdisciplinary research in the social sciences.

At the department, you can find 16 full professors as well as a large number of scholars in general.  We do research in many different fields of studies. The quality of the academic work is reflected by the high amount of third-party funded research projects.

The department offers several study programmes, on the BA, MA and PhD-levels. As a common element, all programmes are characterized by an intense relationship between students and lecturers, research being embedded in the teaching, as well as a strong international orientation (exchange opportunities). Both in research and in teaching, the department has performed outstandingly in national and international rankings.