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Nils Weidmann on Civilian Casualties in Civil Wars in Science, Issue 345, Nr. 6198

"Empty Acronyms: Why the Central African Republic Has Many Peacekepers, But No Peace", Article by Martin Welz and Angela Meyer in Foreign Affairs Online (24 of July 2014)

Gerald Schneider on "Professors' feedback via mobile phone", Deutschlandfunk, 1 of July 2014

Gerald Schneider in the French version of Deutsche Welle on the succes of the ISIS-rebels in Iraq: "Bientôt la prise de Bagdad?", 23 of June 2014

Nils Weidman selected by the journal "Capital" (edition 7/2014) as one of the Top 40 young scholars under the age of 40

"Thailand’s Coup – Will ASEAN Answer?" - Article by Kerstin Radtke in the Asian online-magazine "The Diplomat"

Interview with Florian Kunze in the local nespaper Südkurier on the 2nd of June 2014